Part 33

The Day Everything Changed


Alleia had fallen asleep in the jacket in a dreamless sleep… A loud hammering on the door caused her to stir slowly, cold and blinky eyed, Pepe was still absent, the fire had died down and it was still dark beyond the window… The hammering reoccurred louder, more furious… She swung her legs round, the stone floor bitterly cold, beginning to get annoyed at being so rudely disturbed…

The door was blasted from its hinges, splinters blossomed into the air as the broken bolt clattered across the room. Alleia screamed as a host of burly men, dusty, clad in tatty garb bundled into her private quarters and roughly seized her. A calloused hand silenced her wild cries as she was dragged away, she stumbled, grazed her knee, tried to protect her swollen tummy… Panic seized her, waves of morning sickness merged with nerves threatened to make her vomit… Around the castle there were signs of chaos in the darkness, more dusty strangers, flagstones slick with blood, slumped soldiers, dead where they had stood on duty.

They headed to her Father’s regal antechamber, the very heart of the palace, she heard her brother crying out, but could not see him… Finally Alleia was dumped before the throne dais on her knees frightened and confused, as the hands released her she glanced up to see a mysterious woman seated upon the throne, at her feet the King’s headless corpse.

The Prince was forced to his knees by her side, he reached over and took her hand, though the lad was clearly trembling.

“The Queen is still missing.” The woman barked commands to her brutal warriors, who branched out searching passageways for the missing monarch. “Questions, I expect you royal brats have questions. She rested her feet upon the King’s bloody head. “If you have questions, if you can not understand our actions, if you really are so far removed from the corruption and rot that has destroyed society, if you dare to ask why. Then you do not deserve to draw breath.” She kicked the head away…

From behind the throne a lone figure stepped forth, clad in weathered leather armor and hard worn practical travelling clothes, looking vastly different from usual, his head shaved, his goatee shaved. Gone was his normal garb, the traitor stepped forth before the royal children and made himself known…


Anne Harrison 24.02.17


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