Leaving it to Chance 

If you haven’t read Part 34 yet, this could be classed as a spoiler (if anyone follows the longer-than-short-story)… 

… However,  when I wrote Part 33 first thing this morning,  I had no idea who would be the traitor in the story, I left it quite abstract, having changed my characters appearance but seeing as I’ve never described any of my characters with a goatee before,  even I didn’t know who it was… 

Welcome to the brain of a disorganised free writer!! 

Therefore I left the whole decision to chance… 

I even got someone else to pick the name out of the hat! 

Initially I had no idea who, what, why, how… But somehow it all fell together at lunchtime and I was able to pull something together from a simple random choice… 
Anne Harrison 24.02.17


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