Part 31

Season 2 Episode 1



The Royal visit had the whole palace in a stir, even though it had been just a few short months since Lord Pepe Montoto and Princess Alleia’s last stay, this time the couple had a special announcement for the King and speculation was rife. The King himself was pacing in the high attic room he used as his private quarters, his mood fluctuating between nervous excitement and anger. Something important must have drawn them to request a Royal audience, however, he was also aware that bandits from the wastelands had been advancing north attacking caravans and supply routes. Therefore he also feared that the northern clan territories that Lord Montoto governed had come under attack…


General Fendor cornered Kane after a long shift of standing on guard in the rain, bored and hungry Kane wanted nothing more than to get his boots off and collect his rations. Yet he stood to attention by his bunk awaiting orders, bare feet painfully cold on the stone floor.

“You’re being deployed with the next patrol leaving out to defend the trade routes in the morning. I want you to hand in your dress uniform and pack for duty, once you have eaten.”

“Deployment? I have another three months before I’m due for deployment.” Kane protested.

“Further more, you are being promoted. You will be leading the patrol as Major.” General Fendor chose to ignore his insubordination, this time…

“You’re sending me away because of the Royal visit, right?”

“Watch your tongue Kane…”

“You’re getting rid of me, so I’m not around … Do you think I’m stupid enough to… ?”

Fendor stepped closer in Kane’s face… “For all I know, if you get within a hundred feet of the Princess you both might start to bloody glow like a red flare again, if that happens, we are all dead… You, Me, Her and her Baby!”

“Wa-wa-wa…?” Kane sat down abruptly.

“I’m guessing you missed the Royal announcement while you were on duty, the court is alive in celebration…”

“But what if?…”

“Exactly, now I happen to like my life Kane, I especially enjoy the breathing part and I intend to keep living my life, it’s definitely not worth your dirty secret.”

“You’re covering this up!”

“Indeed… You will graciously accept your promotion and lead your troops to defend supply trade routes, and guess what, you will get the same duty each time the Regal couple visit the city…” The General kept his tone low but firm…

Kane sighed heavily and hung his head, trying to take it all in…

“I’m doing this to protect The Princess, as well as my own skin and even yours. It would be best all round that you were far away Kane.”

Finally he looked up and nodded, accepting his fate…

“Good… Get some food then get packed, you  leave early in the morning.”


Commercial Break


Anne Harrison 15.02.17



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