Part 31.5

Previously On …



Within the last three months of ‘peace’ The King had bled his country to the point of ruin without a care. Those who dwelled beyond the palace grounds, beyond the city wall were in painful poverty and starvation, in desperation they fled the north, seeking the peace and prosperity far in the south, so many months of slow travel before them. Many on foot, laden with meager possessions, hopeful for a new start in a flourishing land.

Though the sojourn was not so simple, there were miles of wasteland to cross… The country scorched years ago in a vicious long battle which had used dragons, wild and free, they burned the very earth to stop an invading army… The land was barren now, ruined, nothing grew in the blackened remains. Corpses of men, cities, forests, beasts littered the world for miles and within the sour remains bandits roamed and terrorized anyone trying to cross the land.

Yet as people neglected the northern continent, the bandits saw these refugees as easy pickings, after their supplies, their women, the children… They branched out further away from the wastelands to attack travellers and trade routes, threatening the grand cities, which were rotting from the inside out…


Disobedient Desire…

Resigned to a fate he did not chose Kane was alone in the barracks, sorting through his kit and generally slamming around frustrated, his mind swimming with questions and fury. The rest of his platoon were off duty and at the celebrations and more than once or twice he had hurled boots against the wall. Finally he gave up, shrugged out the dress uniform jacket and tugged his shirt over his head, deciding he needed a cool bath to calm down.

“Now there is the sight I crave…”

A soft voice made him turn, his heart jumped into his throat rendering him speechless.

Alleia smiled and stepped from the shadows, gliding over to him, without hesitation the Princess reached up and hooked her arms around his neck, kissing him so deeply, her bump pressed against his body, distinctive and adorable.

“What are you doi….”

She pressed a finger against his lips… “Shhh… I missed the smell of you…” Alleia said, burying her face in his hair…

Kane just grinned, he wrapped his hands around her tummy…

“I cant stay long.” She whispered, “I just had to see you before they sent you away.”

A subtle red glow wrapped around them both and for a while, at least, they just lost themselves with one another…

Alleia smiled sadly finally stepping away to leave, she stooped and collected his uniform jacket from where he had discarded it earlier and slipped it on.

Kane laughed, “What are you doing?” He smiled amused at the princess in an over sized coat and regal gown.

“I’m robbing you.” She chuckled and slipped away quietly, leaving behind only the lingering scent of her perfume…


… Credits Roll


Anne Harrison 15.02.17



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