Part 30

Milestone Post…

… Well then, we’ve reached Part 30, not bad for a short story, especially one which started out so roughly and to think about it, it’s very random and haphazard to say the least. But! it is fun and I am enjoying writing it very much so and have no form of conclusion in mind just yet. So I’ll keep spending my lunch break telling tales until I get bored or the story naturally wraps up to a finale…

To Recap…

… My initial protagonists are already both dead (sorry) the ‘Child of Prophecy’ destroyed by a Prince (who briefly went mad) she became two crystals, one blue that the Prince claimed and a red stone, found by a random soldier, Kane. Kane also killed the Guardian for the Child of Prophecy, and also went on to have a rather intimate encounter with a Royal Princess… There’s a little bit more to it than that, but I think you get the picture…

Following Events… (Told, Not Shown)

… The King, neurotic about the power of the blue stone has ordered that it be buried and sealed up within a soured well. General Fendor acting upon the King’s instructions, yet against the stone’s wishes. She is called Beryl, she speaks to Fendor and sadly she resigns herself to her gloomy fate, asking only that she is wrapped in an item of clothing belonging to Fendor. He obliges  and Beryl is buried in a rancid well, nested in an old shirt. Meanwhile… The Priest, Sharmara, keeps his promise to Hera and they are wed in a small ceremony and in return Hera keeps her promise to Sharmara and teaches some of the old ways, sharing her craft with her husband. Hera also forms a close friendship with The Queen, the two ladies sharing a common interest in knitting (or so their Husband’s believe) Princess Alleia and her Husband, Lord Pepe Montoto of the Eastern Clan Territories return to their own homeland after an extended stay at the Royal Palace. Kane, well he simply returns to his usual every day duties as soldier and palace guard and doesn’t get to see Alleia again.

Writers Note…

… I know, I know… I could have written all that in detail and extended my story, adding posts on top of posts, writing each part up into scenes for you and I might do one day… But we’re going to be skipping ahead, about three or four months after the stone is buried and I wonder if you can guess what Alleia needs to confess to her Husband??? *Ahem*


To Continue…

… Alleia raised her head from the bucket and took a few sips of water feeling utterly wretched and exhausted, her ‘illness’ had not escaped the attention of her Husband. Who she noticed standing in the doorway, the swell of her tummy was starting to prove hard to ignore and the truth had to be told. Pepe knelt by her side and with a resigned sigh softly wiped a cool cloth over her face, it felt good and she leaned against him.

“So, when were you thinking of telling me?” Pepe asked

“Possibly when I’m in labour…” Alleia looked away in shame, for even after five years of marriage the couple had never had relations. Pepe, by his own admission, found it impossible to perform and their marriage developed into a subtle friendship. Which was more than either of them could really hope for in an arranged marriage designed for land ownership only.

“Are you having an affair?” He asked.

Alleia shook her head, “It was just a single encounter.” She admitted with a sad sigh. “I’m so sorry…”

“Don’t be, no, don’t be sorry Alleia, this will please your Father whose been itching for a grandchild from us for some years now, besides…”

“I already know Pepe.” Alleia smiled softly “I knew before we were married that you prefer the company of men.”

“We both have had our secrets, for such they were. Now we can use this situation to our mutual advantage and I’m willing to bet the babe wont exactly be the first commoner born to Royalty!” Pepe hugged her awkwardly…


Anne Harrison 14.02.17



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