Anxiety induced writers block

Anxiety is a dreadful waste of the imagination. Something will happen,  usually something simple and rather insignificant.  Yet for some reason it will worm its way into your thoughts and alter events into every worst case scenario you can imagine.

The words you want to use are buried deep inside a thick layer of panic as the mind creates situations mentally that causes physical side effects,  your heart races, you feel sick, cold, you can’t eat, or eat the wrong shit… your mind is so wrapped up with imaginary ‘what if’s’ that you don’t even have the sense of logic to speak straight,  you’re on autopilot or simply frozen as the mind cripples you with a fear that does not really exist beyond your own skull …

And that in itself is your own personal horror story…


Anne Harrison 11.02.17

2 thoughts on “Anxiety induced writers block

  1. ‘Anxiety is a dreadful waste of the imagination’ what an insightful way of putting it. Next time that anxiety beast starts gnawing at my thoughts, I’m going to recite this to myself. Thanks! 🙂

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