Part 22

Brief Encounters…


“Who are you?” Alleia breathed, her eyes boldly met Kane’s without hesitation.

“Nobody.” He smiled, holding her gaze.

Silence followed, they just paused there in the corner of the courtyard, the remaining troops left the training ground and the silence intensified.

General Fendor leaned against the cool wall out of sight and hesitated, he fought the urge to leave, knowing that he was expected at the celebrations, yet as a Royal Guard, he felt a duty to watch over the Princess.

Alleia stepped by Kane, her gown lightly brushing against his bare skin, she still maintained eye contact and without a word invited him to join her on a walk through the elaborate gardens beyond the courtyard walls. Kane simply followed.

It was forbidden for the common soldiers to step foot in the Royal Grounds, Kane could be lashed for merely walking alongside the Princess as she tiptoed barefoot through the wild grasses, yet the smile still played upon the corner of his lips as he casually slipped an arm around her waist. He was dirty from fighting, grime stained the silken robe with fresh blood and sweat. Neither cared, nor noticed the contamination of perfection.

She leaned against his body pausing mid step to turn into his arms, there was no hesitation, no words and no care. The silk was torn as they tumbled into the concealing high hedges of a long lingering maze.

General Fendor ceased to follow them at that point…


Anne Harrison 01.02.17


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