For Mum…


I want to write about what is happening in life.

I want to get it all off my chest, into words, onto the screen.

I want to pour it all free, to rant, to rage to scream, to shout.

I want to explain to someone – anyone – how I’m feeling, what I am going through.

I want sympathy, I want hugs, I want release!

But I can’t do that…

The words wont come, they stick in my throat.

I don’t want the attention, I don’t want to explain myself.

I don’t want to cry into my yogurt over my lunch break.


A phone call – during lines on the screen.

Puts matters into perspective.

Years reduced into days.


To soon.

But not too soon.

It is time to say Goodbye.


Anne Harrison 05.12.16

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