Part 15

Of insanity and marbles


Having finally got the hysterical concubine to calm down and explain carefully what she had witnessed in the royal caravan The Captain of the Guard boldly approached… The servants were apprehensive and whispered among themselves exaggerated tales, which swiftly spread to the troops. He restrained a heavy sigh and entered the gloom…

All lights had been extinguished and the dull shadows offered no immediate answer to the questionable mental state of the fragile Prince… The captain was drawn by rhythmic chanting of numbers, counting, repeating numerical sequence. Finally discovering the Prince playing with marbles in a pool of red wine…

“Ooh my dear sweet Prince, how broken your mind.”

The Prince glanced up then, looking beyond the Captain. He held up the collection of marbles in wine stained hands. “It shattered, the crystal shattered, it’s ruined, I can’t put the pieces back together!” The Prince sobbed, squeezing marbles hard until the popped out of his wine slick grip, scattering across the wooden floor, leaving little red trails wherever they rolled.

Wiping sweat from his brow The Captain stood, attempting to decipher the bizarre ramblings. The Prince was clearly intoxicated, every bottle he could see was drained, it was the marbles from the bottle seals that he played with like a child’s game . His drunken mind believed they were broken shards of the clear blue stone which was actually just resting upon the bed stand with a pair of gloves. A priceless treasure left casually with disregard as the Prince played marbles in his shattered reality.

The Captain collected the clear blue stone and carefully placed it within his inside chest pocket, then, with a heavy sigh turned to treat the Prince as the drunkard he clearly was. Putting him to bed, removing soiled clothes and collecting all the marbles off the floor.

Finally he gave instructions that The Prince was not to be disturbed and returned to his duties… The blue stone started to hummm softly to The Captain…

“Fendor, make me whole again Fendor…” She purred… “Your Prince is too fragile for my power Fendor, You can wield me… but I need to be whole again…”

“Whole?” He mused, carefully recalling the scene whereupon The Prince had plucked the gem from the maidens chest, she had dissolved, her body reduced to a sickening goop. How could he reunite the whispering stone with a melted corpse?! Fendor pondered over this as he oversaw the caravans return to the capital city. He concluded that possibly the crystal needed another female host and decided to discuss the matter with The Priest come morning…


Anne Harrison 28.11.16





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