Part 14

Cruel to be kind


Kane unshackled The Guardian from his chains under the bewildered glares of his fellow guards, yet they made no move to stop him. Just watched startled as Kane forcefully dragged the half conscious slave back from whence they’d came … To the patch of land scorched from the girls demise, a few guards broke rank to follow, cautious, curious, furious…

Kane let loose his grip and let The Guardian slump, the earth was still sticky with the dense oil which had consumed the child of prophecy. Tears flowed freely, overwhelmed by grief, by failure and frustration.

“It’s painful isn’t it?” Kane whispered. “Your heart breaks, gnawing away a deep chasm in your chest. You can’t feel anything beyond this pain, you see no future, your love has gone, consumed by the earth which gave her living grace.” Kane tilted his head, both men met each others gaze. “Your work is done Guardian, you have spent so many years as hers, your life holds no purpose anymore. Even revenge is a dull concept. Your bones are broken, your sight fails you, organs ruptured, your strength fails you and without your love, without your hope. You sink towards the oblivion that absorbed her soul.”

They never broke eye contact, even as they found themselves surrounded by soldiers.

“You don’t want to go on?” Kane continued his whispered speech… “You don’t need to go on… But she will!” A light flashed in Kane’s eyes and The Guardian somehow understood and released a long rattling sigh… His fingers dug into the black earth and he almost believed he could hear her voice.

“Let go my love. Let go. Be free from this pain. be free with me.”

Kane nodded – The Guardian nodded.

In a single strong action Kane broke his neck.

Stood and allowed the lifeless body to drop, to fall where she had fell to rest upon the earth where she too had died. Kane walked away, through bewildered companions…

“Come on, else we’ll fall behind!” He barked, leading the troops back to the travelling caravan… He never once glanced back…


Anne Harrison 28.11.16

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