Flash Fiction *Zombies*

Disclaimer – ‘Umbrella Corporation‘ is not my creation (obviously) I’m using it because it’s a convenient platform to jump start a short story from and it’s something familiar for my beautiful readers to relate too – Roughly translated – I’m being lazy and not creating my own version – but hey, this one has a funky logo… 


I had always prided myself as a loyal and dedicated employee of the Umbrella Corporation, I would go so far as to say I loved my job. I was, at the time of the incident, a pathologist within the genetic research department at Raccoon City. Life was good and we had just had a major breakthrough that would change the world as we know it and for a while it did …

‘The Pandora Cure’ was our greatest triumph, it was pure bottled hope. We had created a medication which would eradicate all known diseases and illnesses… From the common cold, to AIDS, Cancer, Leukemia, Diabetes the flu… Anything! Pandora worked her magic and healed the sick. The effects were astonishing and instant, The Umbrella Corporation took the world by storm and we entered a golden age of mankind.

People queued up for days to receive their dose of Pandora, we administered it freely to everybody and the global distribution reached nearly 5 billion people. Naturally there were those who rejected our cure, the suspicious, crazy conspiracy theorists which were convinced the cure was dangerous. They proved to expose yet another positive side effect of Pandora, for those with the sniffles, coughs and colds… These nasty bugs could not be passed onto those who had taken The Pandora Cure, in other words apart from providing a cure, she also created immunization. The results were astonishing and we swiftly became the richest company in the world.

We, that is Mankind, we lived with very limited sickness and disease happily for some time content with our new lease for life, fine health and fitness.  It was a glowing success and the future looked brighter, happier and (naturally) wealthier!

…But this ideal could not last forever and Pandora took a nasty turn for the worse…

Imagine if you will, death rates had dropped drastically, however, we could not totally escape the fragility of our mortality. Accidents, suicide, murder, war… These things still plagued society. And such an accident befell a college of mine, she worked in the same department as me and on one stormy Monday morning a sleepy truck driver hit her daughter on the way to school…

She brought the deceased child to work, maddened with grief, utterly distraught… She refused to believe her daughter was dead … In a fit of uncontrollable rage, she administered Pandora to the corpse…

 The effects were astonishing, the child began to move within 6 minuets, by 10 minuets she had a heartbeat… But her eyes… Her eyes were grey, blank and bloodshot. The EEG scan displayed no brainwave activity, yet she was animated and restless… Violent!

Side effects of being reanimated resulted in a cannibalistic urge…

… This was 4 hours ago, the pathology laboratory has been on close down since the incident, but we don’t know if we were quick enough to act… I thought I had best try to record events and my full medical report accompanies this email…

… Funny, I’ve not been sick for so long, thanks to Pandora, I’ve taken an extra dose in the desperate attempt to reverse the effects of the bite, if anything I’m starting to look worse…


Anne Harrison 17.11.16


(Photo is me & make up by me)


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