Breaking my own Rules

After inflicting my humble mind with over 13 hours worth of Zombie Films at The 10th UK Zombie Festival of Culture and spending most of yesterday actually feeling like a Zombie… I’m tempted to break my  own rules and see if I can actually write some form of review, without an overdose of the word ‘Awesomeness’ … So … I’m going to keep each review to a single paragraph or less …

Here Goes!


12 Noon – Best Zombie Shorts of All Time

My very favorite short film was the Lego Zombies… Because there was a random cow in it.

14.00pm – Night of Something Strange

Horny Zombies vs Horny Teenagers – What could possibly go wrong? Somehow I get the impression that maybe one day I will find myself discussing this film with my therapist.

16.00pm – Plan Z  ()

A Zombie Survival Guide transformed into a film, with some thought provoking ideas to add to your own apocalypse survival plan… It would have been nice to have brainstormed some strategies with Stuart Brennan however he was very busy being awesome – I did manage to get a selfie with him *Grin*

19.00pm – Train to Busan (trailer)

Imagine if you will the ‘plane scene‘ in WWZ with similar tumbling frantic Zombies… except on a train… except far more tremendous…

Fast paced nail biting pure zombie awesomeness…

21.30pm – Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies

Do not eat the yellow snow!!

Snowboarders vs Zombies  – A rather interesting concept with some amusing results…

23.30pm Peelers

Like From Dusk Till Dawn but with Zombies instead of Vampires and plenty of strippers…

See! This is why I cant write reviews and I really should leave this to the professionals (they have nothing to fear from my humble attempt) however I’m quite pleased that I only used the word ‘Awesomeness’ once, but it was a well deserved Awesomeness and I managed to keep each review to under a paragraph in length. Simply so I don’t accidentally spill forth any spoilers…

… I’m left inspired to write my own short zombie tale, so watch this space!!

Love Anne 15.11.16


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