Part 7 – Prince of Fools

The Misconception of Regal Entitlement…

The young Prince Regent gasped with astonishment… Then erupted into a low sinister chuckle, causing both his companions to turn in concern and two guards wisely backed away. Before anyone could react he reached forth and plucked the gemstone from the girls chest.

“It is Mine!” The Prince clutched the gem tightly…

“What have you done? You fool!” The Military Commander, took a step back, bumping into his Religious companion, who make a sigil of protection with his two fore fingers and pressed the tips against his forehead.

“By the Gods!” His voice was barely a whisper… The girls prone form started to shudder, from the chasm between her breasts, dark wisps of energy pooled forth, like misty tentacles, black and foreboding, they wriggled free, slithering over the trembling girl as her convulsions intensified. Black tar frothed at her mouth and nose, her eyes rolled back into her skull, blood tears ran swiftly… A muffled scream gurgled deep under the thick tar suffocating her, the tendrils smothered her body and gathered the flesh in within itself, mutilating her form, tearing skin from muscle, flesh from bone, the tar eating away the bone, hissing acid scorching the earth.

The stench was repulsive and even the strongest of stomachs gagged, causing heads to spin with nausea. A low dark fog spread out over the ground, turning the earth septic and rotten.

The girl died in wretched agonizing torment, consumed by the blackness, the blackness that was held back from the sparkling gem. All that remained, the single evidence she ever existed, was a sister gem, laying in the sludge. It twinkled, catching the eye of the nearest guard. Those around were distracted, vomiting or had fainted. The Prince had ran with the blue gem in fear of the extending stench. With a thick gloved hand over his mouth and nose, the guard scooped up the dull red stone and slipped it into his pocket. Turning to assist the Commander in Chief to cover up his actions…

“Go after the Prince!” He barked to any guards with enough sensibility to follow any orders. “Stop Him!” He coughed and blinked back acid tears.

“She didn’t deserve that…” The Priest knelt trembling, fumbling among his robes for a holy potion to keep the tar at bay. His muttering prayers accompanied the scattering of the potion, which hissed and smoked as it hit the gore.

“She didn’t deserve that.”


Anne Harrison 28.10.16



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