Confession of a Chaotic Mind

Lost … Without a Map or Compass …

You know the little story I’m writing – we’re on part 6 this week (though I’m not sure part 5 actually counts towards to plot) You know I have absolutely no idea what I’m writing, where the story is going, or what I’m going to write before I sit down at the keyboard.

It’s all free writing, currently I don’t even have names for the two main characters, I’m not sure from one day to the next if I’m even going to continue with the tale. Isn’t it all exciting!! I mean I’ve not even read through what I have already written, it’s a total mystery to me, but it’s also incredibly fun…

To pick up a thread, to allow my fingers to dance across the keys as my mind just pulls forth words from apparently no where to string together, weaving my silly story from one blog post to the next. Think of it like a ‘Chose your own Adventure’ story, except there isn’t a page to turn to, because it doesn’t exist yet…

*Insert Evil Laugh*

I can ‘see’ them in my minds eye, hear their voices, I know what they’re wearing, even how they smell, but because I’ve not put this into words (yet) none of it exists beyond my little brain… and even when I share my words, who ever reads them will ‘see’ a different shade of blonde, or a darker leather, Elm trees instead of Oak (if I just refer to a tree generically)… Isn’t it all very incredible and interesting…

Generally we (English Speaking) have a mere 26 letters in our alphabet, by arranging and rearranging these 26 letters constantly to form words into sentences, into paragraphs into pages. We can share what we imagine and allow others to mentally translate these letters into vivid stories… Which is what makes writing all kinds of exciting…

Maybe I’m not really ‘Lost …’
…Maybe I just need to lay my own path.

Maybe I’m not really ‘Without a Map or Compass … ‘
… Maybe I just haven’t created them yet.


Anne Harrison 26.10.16


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