Part 6 – Scattering to the Winds


We were dreamy, sat under the stars, casually leaning against one another. The silence reflecting and soothing. Our guard was dropped for once and we allowed ourselves that time to just gaze into the dark horizon, lost in non-thought and content with each other.

The dog by our feet had not ceased to keep alert and upon the edge of sleep our furry companion snapped upright, low on his haunches, a deep growl disturbing the sleepy fog… I blinked, then screamed as a bolt blasted into the beasts skull, hot blood splattering my face… I felt a sharp scratch on my neck – heard voices in the distance – then darkness consumed the night…


“We have her!” The excited cry rippled throughout the army encampment. A strong force of troops marched throughout their companions, rousing the lazy alert with their triumphant calls. Their route leading directly to the grand tents erected at the head of the hill, enclosing the quarters for The Commander in Chief. The Prince Regent and a noble representative of their Religious Order, all of who were ready to greet the ruckus men.

“We have her!” A mud caked soldier cried with elation, kneeling respectfully.

The Prince darted forward, eager and curious to examine the unconscious bundle dragged before them. “Please Your Majesty…” The Commander in Chief held his arm up to halt the Prince, wary for the safely of the enthusiastic (yet naive) Royal. He gestured to the semi-clad Priest, “Identify the woman.”

The Priest knelt by the prone figure, carefully peeling away the layers of bindings ensnaring her body, he lightly brushed tousled hair from her face, tilted her head by the chin to examine her features. Finally, and slowly, unlacing the front of her tunic, exposing her flesh level with her heart. Where, in-bedded in the skin, between her breasts was a palm sized distinguishable blue jewel, which glowed coldly with a fluttering inner light.

He gasped as the jewel twinkled in the dull light of dawn… “By The Gods!” He stood trembling… “It is her!” …


Anne Harrison 24.10.16


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