Hidden Treasure


Please, click on me, I’m no ‘Ring’ like curse, I’m a Hidden Secret…

I’m not a video, so you’re safe, I’m a humble PDF of noble origins, a collection of images found, discarded, forlorn… I have a new home, with a pretty artist… But before my pages were passed on, I was scanned (misspelled) and saved to share…

Please, click on me: faily-tale-scans share the beauty of my hidden secret…



Anne Harrison 26.09.16



DISCLAIMER… The True Story behind the PDF…

I found the pages (only the pages) torn or cut out of the book long ago, discovered at a vintage fair for a few quid. I rescued them from being scrapped and had no idea at the time what to do with them. The pages have now gone to an artist friend of mine, but not before I scanned them… They date from 1958 and this is obviously not the whole book, I’m unsure of copyright procedures for anything so old…but I believe such artwork should not be hidden away, not buried like a dirty secret, but shared, all the old muted colours from the past, alive again. If I am wrong,  then I apologise…  I just wanted to share their beauty Xx




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