Reflections of the past

Have you ever looked back upon your life & remembered an event (or series of events) which, when reflected upon, may have helped your journey on whichever path you have found?
These memories may lay hidden in the back of your mind until something or someone triggers off a chain of events, taking you back to reawaken forgotten experiences.


Many, many moons ago, when I was a young child, before I questioned the teaching of my Sunday school. I met a man, a friend of the family& a giant of a man! A powerful character with a gentle soul. He is dead now; I regret to say I did not know him so well. Yet this kind Gentleman, who I hardly knew, left such an impact on my child like mind!
He used to work at the school where my mother was a dinner lady.
Sometimes I used to help my mother at work & that is how I met Bob.

I remember this one time I had a thumping headache & Bob introduced me as a mere child, to what he called ‘Hands On’ healing.
Though he never laid his hands upon my physical form, put my aura!
He taught me what your aura was & how, even simple things like headaches may be relieved by smoothing out the impurities within the aura.
Indeed my headache subsided.
But that is not all I remember learning from this giant kind man, he lead me deep within my own mind.
It was as clear as day within my memory…
His voice muffled slightly as he was hard of hearing.
When I complained of my headache he sat me down cupped his great hands around the aura of my head. Almost instantly I felt my ears start to ‘glow’ instinctively I closed my eyes.
“Picture rolling hills…” I heard him say & out of the darkness, in my minds eye, fresh green hills & lush bright colours filled my inner sight.
He didn’t need to tell me to picture myself there…
I already stood at the top of the hill, not to steep a lazy slanting roll of the earth.
He continued to talk me through the scene, though my mind built up the patterns he wove.
The hill became a valley & flowing through the centre of the valley nestled between the slight hills & fresh grass.
Was a shallow, cool clear, running stream.
You have to remember that I think I was about six at the time, so instead of strolling calmly down to the waters edge. I lied on my side & rolled down the grass!
I must have laughed out loud!
And I remember daisies….
He continued… though I needed little prompting to explore the stream…
I was looking for fish!
With bare feet I tiptoed into the chilly water & over slimy stones.
I never did see any fish!

The water ran over my toes cool & rapid, over stones slick with spray…
He continued… the sun was high in the sky, bright & clear, I lifted my face & I must have moved my head, as I felt the warm ‘glow’ shift from my ears…
Yet my face felt warm & refreshed from the bright blessing of the sun & my toes were feeling cold now.
He continued… On the far side of the stream was a huge old twisted tree. Under this I rested, wet feet tickled by sweet grass.
Lying under the tree I watched the sun make lazy shadows through the dark green leaves, which shifted & danced in a slight breeze…
Sound now accompanied my inner vision… the clear babble of the constantly flowing stream, the odd pop as one of those elusive fish disturbed the waters surface.
The sound of the wind rummaging through the trees leaves…
But peace & tranquillity can only last so long in the mind of a child…
He continued… The adventure began…
There is a hole at the base of the roots…
Well the first thing to pop into my head was the opening line in a story book I had my Mabel Lucy Attwell. “Brownie Bean the gay little elf lived under the roots of the old oak tree.”
I ventured under the tree roots pretending to be a bunny…
Yet I found myself wondering along a dark almost black tunnel, taking me down deeper into the earth.
The smell of soil filled my nose & almost blindly I followed the passage.
Hands on each side of the wall, the earth moist against my feet.
Don’t be afraid, I heard him say. But I wasn’t, I was too curious.
The light from the tunnels entrance hit thousands of tiny shards of multi-coloured crystals. Blinking, embedded in the earth’s walls…
I almost fancied that I would turn a corner & find myself in a fairy kingdom.
But like those elusive fish, no such sight presented itself in my vision.
He continued…
And I found myself standing within a cave lit the same way as the tunnel, yet hard stone now replaced the soft turf.
He left me there, fell silent.

Within those silent moments a figure of a dark man made himself known to me, I was no longer alone in my cave. He spoke in a language I was unfamiliar with. Yet I knew I should know. He handed me a gift, which I didn’t look at instantly.
I turned to thank him, but he had already gone.
The guiding voice began again, leading me back to the bright sunlight.
Strangely enough once I was back from under the tree roots, He said I could look at my gift.
A small pale blue feather lay in the palm of my hand, and it made me smile.
I was lead back, bidding farewell to the strong tree from the earth, the subtle wind in its branches, to the water that nurtured it & the sun that lifted its leaves in awe.
Lead back out of my journey back to the school kitchen, with warm ears, sleepy eyes & a clear head!
Free from any previous pain.
I almost expected that blue feather to be in my hand, as I felt strangely reunited.
Naturally with no headache to hinder me I tore about to terrorise the boys!!

Though now I was not alone…

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