Finding Balance, Even when the Rope Sways…

Life can be a tightrope act and an impressive juggling act, mostly juggling as much as we can whilst also trying to keep our balance… I should join the circus!

However, before I dribble on endlessly about how to get through each day, getting shit done each day without having a major (or even a minor) wobbly regarding ‘issues’ I have touched upon in earlier blogs. I first need to apologise. To myself and to my friends here on this page… I realise I have not been writing as much as I would like to and that my rather maudlin blog last week was, well, rather maudlin… Though at the time I used this space to vaguely express my thoughts, yet instead I feel like I’m making excuses for failing to write.

Last week I also finished up by Boook-in-a-Blanket, this was my head space, where I collected all my mind vomit, ideas, wild outrageous plans and poisoned thoughts… I ran out of pages and I felt like I had ran out of a safe zone. Even though all I had written within these crammed pages was nothing more than nonsense, it was my nonsense!

Binder1.pdf Blanks

So between maudlin about ‘issues’ and ploughing on through life a day at a time, I then came across the short note I posted yesterday. A very simple few lines which consisted of nothing more than a list of events on a lovely sunny Saturday a year ago.

Such power words hold, such magic in their arrangement. They can create relief from the darkest gloom, inspiration, motivation or even destruction… And they can even manifest the desire to build upon existing words, to trigger the reunion between pen and paper, with happily lifted spirits, my will to write has returned alongside all those mundane chores, ‘issues’ and juggling along the tightrope of life.

Evidence that it may be the smallest things which can make such a difference…

… Such as very tiny delicious cakes!!


Anne Harrison 09.08.16

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