Reverse Technology



Once upon a time there was a world without the internet, we didn’t have computers  and our phones clung to the wall by a wire. We didn’t text or Tweet and actually wrote letters to Great Aunt Fanny in Norway, hard to imagine that now, especially when sat before a screen writing upon a web page.

It’s easy to call these ‘good olde days’ and it’s nice to be nostalgic, remissness about playing on street corners and no seat-belts, but times have changed and even the internet has changed… Initially there wasn’t much more than Google, MySpace and Porn this was accessed through a phone line with a dial up tone and you couldn’t call anyone to talk dirty to while you jerked off…

Now we all (generally) have the internet in our pockets, on mini screens we obsessively check every few minutes to see if we have any more ‘likes’ … Or chasing cartoon characters which exist half way between cyberspace and reality…

But that is not the purpose of this Blog… Our lives have become so tightly interwoven with Cyberspace and technology that the internet commands far more than we realise…

… Now, if we woke up tomorrow and there was no technology, can you imagine how fucked we would be? Beyond chasing ‘likes’ ‘Selfies’ or ‘Pokemon’ … we could not access any money, cash points would not work, cash cards would be pointless as card readers could not connect to banks to access funds… and chaos would quickly follow… I mean I could not do my job, I have a computer (which I’m using) which talks to my machine… No connection between computer and machine – no work, but seeing as money is practically virtual anyway, you wouldn’t be earning anything anyway… Not that you could ring in anyway, your phone doesn’t work, your car is computerised and by now people will be rioting and looting, widespread panic because you cant snapchat your Great Aunt Fanny in Norway… No news, no media, no digital radio… No Pokemon!

I am speculating, this is a hypothetical mind vomit of ideas, half based on conversation spurred by my dystopian dreams (detailed in this morning’s blog) half based on existing tales which have a ‘life after technology’ theme – The Time Machine instantly pops into mind – silently formulating a plot in my mind to weave these schemes together into a collection of poetry… Which is my current brainwave… Maybe…

…Maybe the world would be a better place without all this suffocating technology, maybe we would be free, to live our lives in peaceful communities, bartering for goods and supporting our neighbours. Or maybe we would destroy each other, until only a handful of the population remain, cowering in holes in the ground, dreaming of a better world with ‘Likes’, ‘Selfies’ and sharing photos of your dinner…

…I also understand the irony of using the internet as a platform for my ideas relating to destroying the internet… Maybe…


Anne Harrison 19.07.16


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