My dreams, when I can remember them are surreal to say the least. Though I find them all very similar, the settings, the scenes, the people and the colours… It is as though I somehow reach into the same world inside my mind each time I dream.

My Dreamscape is quite dystopian, rugged landscapes and ruined cities, I always feel this urge to ‘clean’ my dreams… But cleaning is the last ting I have time for in my head. These sepia dreams are usually very action packed, the people are sometimes those from reality, but mostly they are not real people at all, some aren’t even people. Yet these archetypes appear time and time again in my nighttime realm. I know them, I live an entire different life with them.

The colours are always muted, or it’s dark, dusk, dawn? That surreal half light tinged with an over wash of brown, like when you leave your shades on too long and forget you are wearing them, though it is the colour of the sky… Buildings are ruined, yet technology has advanced, there is no where to live, just holes to rest between fighting.

I have even been known to dream within my dream… and when I dream within my dream, my dreams are set here in reality… the normal world outside my window… and I will wake, usually violently, within the dream to find myself having to fight for my life!

Sometimes I’m not always so active in the war like dreams, sometimes there are vast lengths of conversation in a language I don’t understand, yet speak perfectly … Plots drawn up again a faceless enemy.

I never feel distressed upon awakening, I can sometimes grasp lingering fragments of the dreams as they dash quickly from my thoughts, replaced by mundane needs to fall into an early morning routine. Sometimes I find myself feel exhilarated, especially if there has been a battle… But this never lasts long into the waking world and then the dystopian realm within my mind is forgotten until the next dream…

Sometimes, if I am really tired, or just slip from concentration, I have these little slips, like visions or flashbacks into the dreamscape, even when awake…

I expect a dream analysis, would be quite fascinating (if I believed in such things) but this isn’t a recurring dream, it’s just that all my dreams are in the same world, that realm within my mind, where I can only find, at times, this overlaps reality…

… But they’re just dreams, right?


Anne Harrison 19.07.16

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