Writers Block and St Petersburg

You have all these great ideas in mind and none of which surface when you have time to write.

I have been watching both Penny Dreadful and American Horror Story recently to try and empty my head of swirling thoughts and negative emotions and within these shows I have started to see fragments of other works of fiction carefully woven into new tales. Like the infamous Doctor Frankenstein rebuilding life from lifelessness, I see two wonderful series’s creating a jigsaw of work from all other sources to develop new franchises.   I’m left with the lingering feeling that there are no more original ideas…

…News that Back to the Future maybe facing the reboot treatment, ignite comments which reflect my own thoughts, what really is ‘new’ anymore?

There are an astounding amounts of writers out there in the real world and here in cyberspace. I am always staggered by the amount of books I find to add to my never ending reading list. Yet the greedy chappies in Hollywood keep churning out the same old shenanigans, but there’s got to be some unique ideas right?

Or maybe the system is flawed, creativity regulated and the whole process from idea to publishing is so very challenging, that many would be writers give up and take up knitting instead!


When inspiration does strike you feel invincible! Words pour freely onto the page and in your mind you are already seeing your glorious characters wearing a celebrities face on a glowing big screen in Hollywood Nothing can stop you, this is it! The breakthrough you’ve been grasping for, the road to fame and fortune is within reach and you become obsessed to get the whole thing down on paper, these moments are fleeting you have to cling onto them before they drift away like a dream chased away by the mornings alarm…

… Once gone only gloom remains …

I had been stagnant, all ideas were all hollow clones of existing stories, written in an inferior tone and (as above) I felt like nothing was new and my mind was my own worst enemy. However, sometimes inspiration appears when you least expect it and sometimes triggered from the most curious sources…


My recent travels took me to St Petersburg, Somewhere I never thought I would visit! Yet here I was surrounded by a unique culture, by exotic palaces and a deep rich heritage. Laced with a history scattered with tragedy, betrayal, murder, revolution and conspiracy… I was inspired, my mind awoken by the garish colours, lavish gold, marble and tapestries, all next door to old crumbling apartments, neglected from Communist regime…

My pen flowed through pages with ease and grace as my story developed from the sights around me, days were spent in lazy sunshine, scribbling notes and playing through scenes in my mind. I never expected to visit Russia and I never expected Russia to inspire me so deeply…

… And how could it not?


To be continued…


Anne Harrison 07.07.16


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