If You could Turn back Time



  • I hadn’t eat that whole packet of Jafffa Cakes last night?
  • I had learnt to drive?
  • I never given up my home?
  • I moved to Oadby instead of Birstall?
  • I had stood up to bullies?
  • I actually paid attention in class?
  • I had chosen a different career path?
  • I had ever been a mother?
  • I had said NO!

The questions we could place on the end of a ‘What if…’ are countless, from the mundane to the life changing events – where you actually feel in your heart that your life will never be the same again. We collect ‘What if’s’ on a daily basis as we constantly make decisions and choices, from hitting snooze to catching a later bus, even miniature details may swerve your path.

If you could turn back time, if you could alter one fraction of your life, would you? Could you? …and how would this improve or destroy the life you have currently?

Of all the deep and meaningful theories and concepts that could be cited at this point, I am instead reminded of Arnold Rimmer, of Red Dwarf and Dimension Jump… When we are first introduced to Ace Rimmer, an alternative version of Arnold from a parallel universe. Where one decision, one simple choice turned the characters life around to become quite a different person to the Arnold we’re used to.

The episode begins with a young Arnold Rimmer being told by his mother that the headmaster at his school was considering keeping him back a year. Having received the headmaster’s notice in the post, she emphasises what an impact the decision could have on Arnold’s life.

Years later, in a parallel dimension, another Arnold Rimmer exists. Commander ‘Ace’ Rimmer is a test pilot in the Space Corps: he is heroic, charming, good-looking, intelligent, popular, brave and modest. He eagerly accepts a mission to test-fly a dimension-jumping prototype spacecraft despite never being able to return. After saying farewell to his friends, Ace departs and initiates a dimension jump.


Forget science and philosophy! Comedy covers this theory just as perfectly…

If you could pick one point in your life where you could change your decision and alter your whole life path, would you? And if you could, just which single moment would you choose? Out of a whole life’s worth of living (thus far) all those moments that make up who we are, is it even possible to single out one lone situation to change? Even if you return to that singular point in time and steer events in a different direction, would it make matters better or worse? These really are hypothetical questions are there is no way to manipulate time (currently) even though time itself is an abstract concept, created by mankind to mark the passing of astronomical  movements within the universe around us… (That’ll be the sun and moon dudes)…


I like to think of time as a spiral… Seriously though don’t ask me why (that’s another whole blog right there) But just look at this shit ^ it’s really pretty!


Now, back to reality, you know when you have a really good idea for a blog, start writing, you’re in the flow then just run out of lunchtime. So you save your work and return to it the next day only to discover that all your thoughts and ideas has scattered from your mind, you like what you’ve written, yeah this shit is cool, I can work with this… but… Nothing… no words have popped back into being and my train of thought has left the station without me… But I’m going to post this shit anyway… You might like it, or may not? Because I’m lost as to what to write next… Maybe I can pick up this thread again after the weekend? Or maybe my whole concept is gone for good?

This is the problem of being a writer with a messy mind…


Anne Harrison 01.07.16


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