The Rules of Writing – Why I can never be a published author and why do we feel the need to place limitations upon creativity.


The Prologue:


Once upon a time there was a middle aged woman who in the midst of a mid-life-crisis decided spontaneously one lunch time to enrol in a University course. Her previous education experience had never evolved beyond a BETC course blah blah blah years ago, therefore University was rather an alien concept and one she considered to be way beyond her intellectual capabilities as well as considerably expensive. Yet our budding heroine ventured forth, blundering her way through evening classes with the delusion that her work was worthy of instant stardom without any real clue what she was doing when it came to writing…

Indeed she foolishly believed that writing was nought more than a jolly good idea and the carefully placed order of words to create an epic tale…

Ohh foolish traveller! Ohh innocent wretch! How mistaken those dreams! How pathetic thy quest! Did you not understand mankind’s obsession to neatly label and categorise even the arts… (For writing is an art) and beyond being boxed up and stored away in a multitude of genres, one’s imagination must also be restricted by a collection of strict and ever ever changing rules, depending on who wrote them and how far up the pecking order they were. These oppressive rules appeared to contradict and confuse our humble would be author, who basically didn’t understand the flourishing tones of academic speak.

But! Onwards she did travel, scribbling notes and pretending to read books written by people she had never heard of, attempting to engage in intellectual conversations, when in reality verbs and adverbs were confusing. A naughty rebellious imp took up resident within her mind, implanting ideas of breaking rules in a literacy fashion. ‘Show Don’t Tell’ became a bane… Hads and Saids and Buts became taboo and heaven forbid if you use more than one exclamation mark per seven part epic novel!!!!!!!!

It swiftly felt as though every published author had directions and instructions for writing, all these rules and restrictions, had everyone forgotten the purpose behind writing? Was there no enthusiasm to weave a good tale under all those layers of Do’s and Do Not’s? … Where was the story in the story telling?

Our little adventurer felt trapped under all these suffocating laws, so with the naughty imp in mind and a total blatant disregard for these ‘rules of writing’ she put finger tips to keys and wrote a cheeky three part story, (links below) breaking every rules she could find, giving her lecturer a headache and consequently falling in love with writing all over again…


Anne Harrison 20.05.16


The Child of Evil

The Guardian of Evil

The Lesser of Two Evils

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