Writing, Life & Memories.

It doesn’t matter how much you want to do with your days, sometimes what ‘needs’ to be done takes over from what ‘wants’ to be done. By the time you get all those ‘needs’ done, it’s time to collapse in a big heap and all those lovely ‘wants’ are left neglected for another potentially free day, though those pesky little ‘needs’ build up once again and before you can blink it’s Monday morning and the bus route medley is beckoning.

However, sometimes these ‘needs’ of ours can be useful little friends, in the way they can inspire creativity from the most unusual of places. My most recent adventure into creating ‘needs’ into ‘wants’ has been fueled from a container clear out, apparently there is a TV show a little like this, but this is something I am unfamiliar with so I’m unable to express any similarities. So lets paint a little picture for you, a shipping container, stacked with boxes of mine and my parents belongings which sit forlornly in storage, until it is forgotten. Initially this container was full to the brim, yet over time many items have been parted with and found new homes. A few fragments of furniture remain, car boot items and childhood memories…

Memories, that is what inspired me here and what I wanted to write about. Among these boxes, my boxes, are a savage horde of gaming memorabilia. Mainly Games Workshop and D&D, some old, some not so old, some crap, some valuable. *All* precious to me personally, yet I painfully culled my collection, parting with a suitcase and a rucksack full of items. (insert long sigh)…

I have touched upon this subject in earlier blogs, the fact that my desire to write, make up tales, characters, worlds, languages and more all stemmed from my love of Role Playing Games in my teenage years. Indeed, after 28 years, I still find myself writing about the same characters, these are my friends, my family, my muse… And now, this source of my muse has gone from storage, all those games, my precious half painted figures… Gone…

(insert second long sigh)

Today they start a new journey, out of the dust and old boxes, out in the open, to be given a new lease of life. It hurts, naturally it hurts, that might sound stupid! To connect emotions so strong to a collection of items, but I feel they have been with me for so long…

So how do I hang on to what has gone? To keep what I horded like a dragon guarding it’s gold?

I write, I list my old characters, I recall their adventures, their loves, their lives, rivalries and deaths. There are a lot, 28 years worth. I can not possibly recall everyone and everything… But unearthing these treasures to part with has triggered memories which have fueled inspiration…

… Would that have happened if they had remained in dusty boxes in storage?


Anne Harrison 09.05.16



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