I Want to Write about Japan

… But where to start? …

I’ve been back in the UK over a week now and not approached my blog or my thoughts recently. Normality has proved to be quite surreal when it comes to returning to the mundane, like, being removed from usual every day situations and plunged into a different world for 10 days can leave you mentally reeling as your mind takes time to process all it has experienced and seen and done within that time.

My first night back home I awoke in a panic, unaware of where I was initially, with this bizarre dread of how I was going to get back home, when I was already back home. A few more nights of broken sleep followed with vivid dreams about Japan. Everyone has asked me how my holiday was and I delight in exclaiming how wonderful it was, but skip over details. I feel those details are mine, personal to me, my precious… I also have this humble notion that I don’t want to rub it in… I’ve spent too many long years watching others explore the world and  expose their adventures, I’ve spent too long without a passport or even spare cash to get a passport, that I have simply sat by and listened and dreamed… So I have been resisting the urge to collate my thoughts into words and share my experiences.

Japan has been a dream, an unreachable goal, always out of reach… until recently… A change in circumstances gave me the chance to grasp hold of this dream and make it a reality. I requested a brochure, a harmless enough act, then I received a phone call and I believe it was this phone call, that personal touch which spurred my decision to follow this dream, part with cash (I have never had such an amount ‘spare’ before – This terrified me) and of cause… Get a passport!

I’m not sure I’m going to get all my thoughts down before the end of my lunch break, so I’m going to leave my tale there for the time being, which feels like a good place to pause. Besides, how do I put all these cascading emotions into words when I’m still awestruck? This might take a few entries to cover and I feel I should include some photos too, so I apologise in advance Dear Reader, if I bore you. Please bare with me as this whole experience is something I need to get into words and this platform gives me the ability to focus my memories into words…


Anne Harrison 06.04.16


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