Train Journey Journal

I have an hour before we arrive in Hiroshima and even though I have written a little upon my journey,  I’ve hardly written as much as I’ve thought. I have simply not had time to write,  each day is totally packed, every hour, every minute. So writing has fallen to the way side and that doesn’t matter. My mind has been active and my thoughts so very clear,  Japan has given me something of a lesson in life, something I will never forget.
This adventure has been about full filling dreams, about a dream holiday to a country I never thought I would ever visit. I’m not even sure how this all came to be, yet here I am, bumbling around Japan with hardly a word of the language remembered (despite my pitiful attempts to learn). Exploring cities, culture, temples, religions, fashion, concrete and trees alike. Yet I’m also exploring more about myself. To step foot outside the hotel alone on Kyoto, to navigate around a city alien to me, without a firm grasp of language… four thousand miles away from home, from my safe little boat. This very simple act, for someone not so well travelled, felt like a huge mile stone, a personal mile stone, for myself,  for my confidence, my inner strength, my courage…
Such a simple act and such a massive lesson!
See, I’ve been lacing my inactivity with layers of excuses, creating a veneer of reasons not to do things (not just travelling) these self created lies I tell myself have been holding me back from actually doing what I want to do… yet all these reasons, all these excuses, they’re not real,  they just exist in my mind and keep my life stagnant.
It’s not that I’m not happy,  I’m very happy,  most content, considerable fortunate and grateful.  But my mind is holding me back, from just the simple things I crave, that 5am workout,  that clean diet, the need for financial care and to study.  These goals are so simple, so easily achievable and would mean so much each day…
If I can step into Kyoto alone, I can get out of bed each morning without fighting with my mind.

Anne Harrison.  24.03.16
On the Bullet Train between Kyoto and Hiroshima, Japan.


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