In Flight Blog

I’ve honestly never felt as lost as I do right now. 
In mid-air on my way to Japan, following a dream and feeling scared to death of what the next 10 days will bring.
10 days, it isn’t long in a life span, we spend days always reaching towards the weekend.  Never really content with where we are, what we are doing. Always looking ahead, lunch time,  home time, weekends… The mundane goals of every day life.
Yet here I am, trying to hold my shit together as I realise just how far away from my little safe boat I am. I want to cry, but I won’t.  I know I’m just tired, dehydrated and daunted by the customs declaration form placed before me.
But it’s just another step upon my journey…
So I’ll fill my form in, I’ll keep smiling,  I’ll face tomorrow without any expectations and try to remember to take plenty of photos for my friends (as promised).

*Written at 2.33am somewhere in flight between time zones
– posted once I found WiFi connection…

Anne Harrison 19.03.16



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