Marvelous March

… She says hopefully!

So my course work has finally arrived and here I am, a student once more, notebook at the ready, pen poised, awaiting inspiration.

There is something very comforting about being a student, that desire to delve through books, read and research, to seek out new information, new names, new directions… I have been exploring the creative outlet of blogging since November, sharing my writing, but mostly my thoughts and occasional rant. This freedom of expression has opened my ‘cyber’ world in such a way, it helped to motivate me into enrolling on the new course (that and reading ‘Eat, Pray, Love’) Not through my own work you understand, but by exploring other blogs, other gifted bloggers and such amazingly talented writers.

It has been my absolute pleasure to find such wonderful people sharing fragments of their lives, their poetry, their stories, their views and opinions. The more I read, the more I feel the desire to write. However my desire doesn’t end there, I’ve inherited some astonishing craft supplies recently, my desire to create, pretty pretty work… But I stare at a blank page and feel lost… I have also inherited a violin and recently acquired the details of a violin teacher… But my nerves here trigger an anxiety to make that step, to make that phone call and that step into the unknown. I’m also travelling in March, this inspires my desire for photography… To document my adventure through photographs, sharing my experiences visually… But my talent in this field is very limited…

… You may judge for yourself: Photos!

So, I have a passion for writing, for art, for music, for photography… Yet lack any real skill in any of these areas! The irony is, I don’t care, I might not be an established author, my artistic flare is a humble candle flame, struggling to stay a light in a hurricane. But I still maintain this passion and … well … it really doesn’t hurt to try … Maybe if I keep trying, one day, something, somewhere will actually sink in!

… She says hopefully!


Anne Harrison 02.03.16

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