A New Adventure…

…With an old theme!

I just can not appear to let go of studying, neither can I let go of Creative Writing as I embark upon another course with this theme. Creative Writing is a passion of mine, yet I still continue to maintain that I am not a writer, nor do I desire to be published. This is my little corner of public exposure and my audience is more like an intimate family, I share tiny bits of myself, my inner voice as well as my humble attempts at writing. Mostly this is a safe nest where I can pool forth my thoughts and clear my mind.

Why I have chosen to start yet another course on a subject I have already studied at University level? Why am I going backwards, restarting at the very beginning, with the very basics? It’s not as though I want to write a best selling novel, I do not desire fame and fortune, I can not imagine my characters gracing the silver screen wearing a famous face, my stories naked for a world of critics, fans and action figures.

I love writing as much as I love studying and learning! I believe I can use the knowledge I learnt at Uni (as well as a Screenplay course I *also* attended at the same time) to accompany another direction of learning. I can adapt, merge, agree, disagree, blog, get frustrated, inspired and yet never bored upon my journey of discovery.

After all… Doesn’t this look exciting!!!


  • Lesson One
    • What is Creative Writing?
      • The Ritual of Writing
      • Inspiration
      • The Inspiration Journal
      • Short Writing Exercise
  • Lesson Two
    • The Writing Format
      • The Novel
      • The Short Story
      • Poetry
      • How to Begin and Complete a Novel
      • How to Begin and Complete a Collection of Short Stories or Poems
      • Commercial and Literary Fiction
      • Short Writing Exercise
  • Lesson Three
    • Genre-Specific Fiction
      • Autobiography
      • Fantasy Fiction
      • Science Fiction
      • Futuristic Fiction
      • Mystery and Thrillers
      • Horror
      • Magic Realism
      • Historical Fiction
      • Children’s Fiction
      • Conclusion
      • FurtherReading
      • Short Writing Exercise
  • Lesson Four
    • Points of View
      • The First Person
      • The Third Person
      • Conclusion
      • Short Writing Exercise
  • Lesson Five
    • Characters
      • Character Types
      • Inspiration for Characters
      • Inventing Characters
      • Introducing a Character
      • Using Plot to Enhance Characters
  • Lesson Six
    • Inventing a Fictional World
      • Using Real Places in Fiction
      • Using Weather and Landscape to Add Atmosphere
      • Using the Five Senses
      • Short Writing Exercise
  • Lesson Seven
    • The Voice in the Text
      • Finding and Using a Character’s Voice
      • Speech Tags and Action
      • Using Dialogue to Show what’s Going on
      • Language and Dialect
      • Presenting Dialogue on the Page
      • Short Writing Exercise
  • Lesson Eight
    • More Creative Writing Techniques
      • Showing and Telling
      • Metaphor, Simile and Symbolism
      • Suspense and Drama
      • Using Time Effectively
      • Short Writing Exercise
  • Lesson Nine
    • To Publish or Not to Publish
      • Writing for Pleasure
      • Writing for Publication
      • Novels
      • How to Find and Approach Agents and Publishers
      • Self-Publishing
  • Lesson Ten
    • Writing for Publication (Continued)
      • Poetry and Short Stories
      • Small Press Magazines
      • Writing Competitions
      • Dealing with Rejection
      • Writing Groups
      • Courses and Other Sources of Help
      • Conclusion


Truth is, I’m not sure where this adventure will lead… But you could say that about each waking day, where will this day lead? What adventures will cross my path? Usually the mundane, chores merged with events which are bright sparks upon our way. I adore the mental stimulation, the challenge and the fact that I have fell in love with reading again, exploring books of genre previously alien to me. I am quite a different person from who I was when I started my course at University, I am hoping to take some of this new me into a new course, to expand my horizons, embrace my new found passions and enhance my creative nature.

I think it might be fun to blog as I go along, to include lessons and my thoughts on these lessons and also my answers… I expect there maybe a few rants and tears of frustration, but this blog was designed to accompany my creative writing, not just my insane maudlin thoughts, sharing more than just my inner monologue on insignificant musings… Such as old emails and my past.

So we embark together, my mind and my unseen little audience, upon a new quest… What characters will be birthed? What situations and dramas will form in an unknown world? Who can say? I mean I need to wait for my first lesson to arrive, until then, my nose is firmly buried in two books I’m loving and my mind is free to explore clear thoughts among the chaos of daily life.


Anne Harrison 23.02.16


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