15 Min Blog

I have just 15 mins before the end of lunch in which to write something thought provoking and inspiring!

It’s not happening, I keep gazing at the empty screen before me, wanting to write, feeling the need to write after just spending 45 mins wasting time scrolling through the same sites I scrolled through for half an hour this morning, while casually glancing at Facebook on my phone every now and then, even though someone has really got my back up today.

Why do we do this to ourselves, the constant scrolling scrolling scrolling… Wading through the same crap that’s as old as the internet, misinformation and lies. Badly researched rants, re-posting before reading and cats!

I’m trying to read Eat, Prey, Love. to explore a new genre with my reading tastes, BUT NOOOOOOOO…………………… I’m still scrolling…………………….. *Screams Internally*

Today I have been frustrated and angry, I have absolutely no reason in the world to get myself frustrated and angry, I can feel an uncomfortable heat swirl up within my chest, just thinking about it… But it’s unnecessary, as nothing that has happened to me personally today has cause to ignite these negative emotions, these are fueled by Facebook posts alone, I could have scrolled on, I could have ignored the bullshit… I had wrote a long reply, discarded that, wrote a short reply, deleted that… Yet still it has my nerves on edge.

I’m afraid I’m not going to go into detail here, I have no reason too and also have no desire to spread this negativity. However, it has got me thinking about the power such social media sites have upon people. Today I got angry, when I have no reason too.

I found it frightening to discover that my emotions were manipulated in such a way, I wonder if this is a deliberate ploy, or just a mindless rant by someone who likes the sound of their own voice. I feel calmer by deleting comments, I feel calmer by not scrolling, I feel calmer lost in a book and I feel calmer to see words where a blank page merely existed before.

Two mins to go…. Not bad timing for a short rant and some ambling musing…

… In other news … Had a Zombie Apocalypse dream last night …


Anne Harrison 10.02.16


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