The Writing Challenge Phenomena!

Just what is the point?

I am left wondering why I started this challenge in the first place, it was found it on Pinterest and I thought it would be a good bit of fun. I had never tried something like this before and from the outset I did not intend to take it seriously, completing the task in just six blog posts, instead of 30, before hitting a stumbling block and deciding enough was enough.

The questions are harmless enough, random pointless information, little snippets of personal data, lists and pictures. I lost the desire to continue after I had wrote a long, emotional detailed letter 23. A letter to someone, anyone. 

I poured so much of my heart into writing this letter that I could not even save the work, so it got me wondering, how many people fill in this challenge with so much detail that their lives are exposed for all to see?

I kept my answers short and sweet, posted lists without explanations… Was I supposed to say why my favorite movies are my favorite movies? Am I to write a review? Like a film critic, analyzing the story, cast, production and script? I wondered if the nature of the challenge is to expose yourself or express yourself? And just what is the difference anyway…

For me exposure is to leave yourself laid bare, just as the letter I had wrote made me feel. Naked, the unspoken, written and presented in a half arsed challenge.

Where as to express yourself is to share more of a point of view… I like Rain… I hate Rain… *insert reasons here*

There are so many of these writing challenges around!

Some include similar, if not the same questions, others have a very certain theme. Upon conclusion I believe it is down to the individual answering the questions to decide how much they desire to express or expose. Some people require an invisible audience to rant too, others prefer to keep personal details close to the heart…

Maybe one day I will get to say everything I wanted to say in that letter…


Or maybe not…


Anne Harrison  08.02.16



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