15 to …

More pointless randomness


15. Bullet-point your whole day. 

  • I get up
  • Do Stuff and Things
  • Go bed
  • Ta-Da!


16. Something that you miss.

Talking to my Mother, she’s not dead, don’t get me wrong there, my Mother has dementia, therefore conversations with my Mother are at best vague and mostly nonsense. I miss being able to talk to her.


17. Post about your Zodiac and whether or not it fits you.  

The Cosmo Natal Report for

Meh!? …  I used to hold a great deal of belief in such concepts, I believe you can skim read through such reports until you find snippets which resonate with you personally. So you see and read only that which you want to read about yourself and the rest is discarded as being general information.


18. Post 30 facts about yourself. 

  • I like heights.
  • My favorite place in Wales is Aberglaslyn Hall.
  • I trouble to spell favourite correctly!
  • I am t-total.
  • I can not walk in high heels.
  • I collect scrap books and note books.
  • I have many tattoos, but couldn’t choose a favorate.
  • I would like to be an extra in a Zombie film.
  • I can not juggle
  • I own a violin, but I’m reluctant to take lessons.
  • I have never learnt to drive.
  • I wear my Dad’s watch, which I ‘borrowed’ two years ago…
  • I do not own a TV
  • I Love stationary, pretty… pretty stationary!
  • I practice Tai-Chi.
  • My cat has three legs!
  • I’ve always wanted dreads.
  • I adore Sweet Williams.
  • I started blogging on MySpace…
  • I’m pretty ambidextrous and can paint with both hands.
  • My hair isn’t naturally pink!
  • I once had a letter printed in 2000AD.
  • I’ve never watched Mary Poppins.
  • I am an only child.
  • Harrison Ford was my first girlie crush.
  • I would like to be clever enough to do a degree –
  • But I have graduated from University!
  • I have webbed toes.
  • That last fact is a little fib!


19. Discuss your first love. 

Nope… Just… Nope! … Unless Harrison Ford counts?


20. Post three celebrity crushes.  

Only Three!?!? *Pout*

  • Norman Reedus – Because I adore the ‘bad ass’ characters he usually plays.
  • Chris Hemsworth – Because He actually reminds me of someone I know.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch – Because he can really fucking act!


21. What three lessons do you want your children to learn from you?

Hummm… See my answer for number 11…


22. Put your music on shuffle and post the first 10 songs. *time to abuse YouTube*



Anne Harrison 04.02.16



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