The Enigma of …

Following on from my thoughts on Monday, I wanted to just sit before an empty page, to write and see what words pool forth from my foggy brain. Not much currently, maybe I’ve not had enough coffee yet?

I started this blog to explore my reflections upon attending a Creative Writing Course at Leicester University. I cover writing themes which pop into mind and I add some of my own silly scribblings from time to time. Then I will slip off course entirely and ramble cryptically regarding life events, my emotions and fluctuating head space.

Granted I have a lot on my mind currently, 2016 has started with drama which continues to be unfolding, though I have now settled into that chaos around me, choosing to deal with one day at a time, one situation at a time and trying to provide the best support I can throughout it all. I keep typing what I want to say then deleting whole chunks of text, I’m not ready to share everything, which means I’m left writing half thoughts and nonsense.

The words left unsaid, those deleted, they are the most important, they tell the truth. But how can I express myself so deeply, when I can not find the correct words? How do I tell the truth, when I don’t know who to trust? Therein lays my enigma…

Anne Harrison 27.01.16




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