Soul Food

Music is the first thing which goes on in the morning, last thing to go off at night (if I bother) as I also like to fall asleep with  my music on. Music is relaxing, inspirational, motivational, uplifting and so much more. It can ease a broken heart or destroy emotions, get you moving or soothe shattered nerves. These are all simple examples of a complex psychological connections between music and the mind that I can think of, off the top of my head without any knowledge on the subject. I make this shit up.

I am quite sure that there are plenty of really clever people out there with PhD’s or Degrees who can tell you far more about how and why music triggers an emotional response, but that is all very technical and possibly boring, involving quotes from even cleverer folk who wrote several books on theories and wot not.

Alas, I’m not that academically minded and cant talk that language. If I want to explore the relationship between music and emotions, or lyrics and stories, I feel that there is only one way to do this. YouTube!

  • 30 seconds of music which promises action, explosions and superheros. Funny how just a few seconds can open a doorway into a whole world of Excitement and Adventure
  • How about having your own theme? A theme which can be translated into menace and darkness… A classical piece of music which has been widely used, yet ultimately belongs to just one character. However, there are many characters who own their own theme. Such as this character or that character. Sooooooo many to choose from!
  • Music can tell a story, without any lyrics, basically it’s darn clever like that! I couldn’t even listen to this all the way through without a tear rim my eye. Funny thing is, I’m not even sure I know the story too well, but you don’t need to when the music can carry you there without words.

I’ve only humbly touched on only the subjects of themes, characters and story telling with the use of music and I’m already nearly out of lunch time, so so so much fun and I’ve only scratched the surface of this subject. I still want to return to what I was rambling about in regards to characters last week and I have a feeling that if I follow this trail of bread crumbs upon this journey through music, we will pop right back on track… eventually…

Also, I will include some more of my own writing one day, but for now, I’m enjoying this little detour and I wonder where this train of thought will lead to next?


Anne Harrison 20.01.16


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