A follow up blog, in a short series of thoughts regarding characters, inspiration and the small cave like dwelling in my mind where they all reside.

I suppose that is a good place to start, though it is not really a cave like dwelling, that was a little fib…it’s a whole goddam fuckin’ realm, like an entire universe inside my head. The ‘cave’ is just the way in…

Maybe you can better understand my train of thought with a socially recognised reference, try Sherlock and his Mind Palace.


It’s not exactly a unique concept so here’s a bit of clever stuff about it, I first encountered this theory through spiritual paths, but that is not the theme here and I’m not one for getting tied up with technicalities, because it doesn’t matter!!

Mind palaces, caves, worlds… whatever… are individual to the individual, as each individual is individual. A writer is a clever little sod, they can put words onto pages in such an order that they can create mental images in your head which relate to the mental images they ‘see’ in their head. This will in no way be identical because of the way our minds interpret what is written, but it is these words which connect a writers mind palace to a readers mind palace…

A story has to exist somewhere, it has (usually) a beginning a middle and an end, which connect a string of events together in such a way they weave a tale. A writer must access this story in their heads, follow this trail as their imagination plays through routes and mazes of mental images. They must keep this all separate from their weekly shopping list, as you just cant send a character to Tesco, it would be handy sometimes, but its just not possible! The human mind is a weird and wonderful thing. Mind Palaces are perfect way to engage the imagination with the thought process to build, remember and recall which character is where, what they are doing… and why…

Not all writers work with this concept, remember, each individual is individual… and I wouldn’t class myself as a writer either! Just a crazy lady with lots of stories and characters wrapped up inside her mind, through a cave, into a realm of fantasy that exists solely in my head.

I’ve ran out of time again, before I’ve got to where I was heading… So that will give me something to ponder over in my ramblings another day. On the bright side, I’ve included a picture of Sherlock, so all is good for this entry…

Anne Harrison 14.01.16


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