I am re-reading Interview With the Vampire (again) to occupy my mind from the mundane chatter of my daily bus route. A book I fell in love with many years ago, before the film and I loyally followed Anne Rice publications, following the adventures of her various characters as her stories developed and the series progressed. Over time, I’ve lost all but two of her books, the stories have faded somewhere in the black hole in my mind and I am enjoying my rediscovery of Lestat.

Lestat… Although the book is Louis’s tale, it was Lestat which was far more alluring and in return he inspired many a Drow character that I ran through my D&D years… And maybe one or two Vampires of my own.

Characters inspired by characters, ran through games, inspiring adventures and never ending tales of their own. I had a whole crate of note books once, crammed full of character information and the continuous spiraling stories of Chaos, Death, Murder, Fucking, Fighting and Assassins… (amongst other themes) …You know, normal every day activities for Drow.

The crate has gone, the notebooks, all gone… Lost somewhere in time… But I never once lost the Characters, how can I? I mean they live inside my mind, in a realm within my thoughts, they dwell and until I write of them again, they are frozen in permanent hibernation.

Anne Rice has awoken these creatures of mayhem, by re-reading her work I am reminded of my Characters, without the limitations of dice rolls, on paper, they can re-live and evoke chaos once more…

Allow me to introduce you to my motley crew, to the last notebook which survived the cull, complete with, spelling mistakes, pictures, scribbles and all the glorious messy handwriting of a mind that works swifter than the hand… Rum!


Anne Harrison 06.01.16



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