A beginning is a very delicate time. Know then, that it is the year 2016.

Here we go again, dancing around in the cycles of time and seasons, as one year gives up to the next, day turns into night and yadda yadda yadda…

Here at this point there are masses of people making promises to themselves, fresh starts, new goals & all that jazz…

It’s been over 6 months since I finished University and achieved a HE Certificate in Creative Writing with the grade of a 2:1. This blog was initially used to post all my work, I cleared out every post last November and restarted with a fresh slate, with the idea that I recorded my experiences at University along with work that I had written. Thoughts, diary entries and general musings are spliced between works of fiction,  poetry & other such bollocks.

I started (back in November) by stating that I was *not* a writer and I still maintain that claim, I have no desire to be published, to see my name in print… This was all a pipe dream of who I was a few years ago. I know that my writing is not good enough to appeal to any publishers and I also accept the simple fact that I cant be arsed with editing nor attempting to adhere to all the bullshit rules of writing, which I personally enjoy totally ignoring… *Insert evil laugh*…

So here we are, at the thresh-hold of a new year, I’m back at work, life returns to normal and I have decided not to make any new years resolutions. I don’t feel the need too because every day is a good day to start anew.

I think that’s enough rubbish for the first entry this year.

I mentioned earlier about breaking the rules of writing, so lets start 2016 by breaking some rules! I’m going to post 3 short stories today, well actually it’s the same story that I wrote 3 times, but I’ll let you figure it out for yourselves…

Meanwhile I hope you have noticed my blatant disregard for any writing structure here by using both symbols (&) and numbers (3) in my blog post… And (oops broken another rule) I really don’t mind. Who polices words anyway? … That would be editors wouldn’t it…

Anne Harrison 05.01.16


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