Making Sense from Senselessness

It has crossed my thoughts currently that the work I have presented here for anyone to ponder over does not exactly fit into any set genre.

This is amusing as prior to the Creative Writing Course, I only ever wrote Fantasy tales. The characters had become close companions of mine, some had existed since around 1988 and throughout that time I’ve seen my fair share of Births, Marriages, Deaths, Conspiracies, Wars, Reincarnation, Time travel, Dimension hopping, Tattoos, Cigars, Affairs, Tragedy’s, Betrayals, Work, Addictions, Murder and Love. The lives of my characters have ever been far from dull but I have always used the same names, their faces are firmly imprinted within my mind, their voices, body language, gestures and such, all as individual as my neighbors in reality.

So why did I break away from these guys? Why are they left in writing limbo land? Why has my writing ventured off into different styles, genres and voice?

Genre can define who we are, our choice of music, the films or shows we watch, books we read and even clothes we wear can all be categorized and we find ourselves connected to like minded individuals. Yet this can also leave us very narrow minded in our tastes, a few years ago I (personally) would never have listened to Jazz, total metal head through and through, metal til I die… Roahhhhhhhh!! Yes, indeed *ahem*…

It would appear that the course, not only drew me away from my beloved characters, but blew my mind wide open in various more ways. I’ve been to the ballet, seen Shakespearean plays, been to gigs without knowing the bands material in advance. Now, I can listen to other genres of music freely without contempt and broaden my horizons within the arts quite drastically. This is but a stepping stone upon my journey, for I know there is far more out there to explore and I’m just scratching the surface of rediscovery.

My characters are still within my mind, occasionally they like to come out to play, to cause chaos and mayhem. Their adventures locked up inside my brain, like some door of illusion I can step through this door and fully submerse myself in their realm. Just not as often as I used too…

I am no longer defined by old self imposed limitations, I enjoy exploring new paths to follow, of cause, this generally means I end up quite lost. As my dip into poetry proved to be quite a labyrinth of creative exploration, but that adventure can wait until another day.

For now I shall leave you with the rough draft of my course overview. Anne I never got to finish this piece, but that doesn’t matter because it has found a place a purpose here, to accompany this afternoons musings.


Exploring Character through Costume

Anne Harrison 26.11.15


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