The Origin of the Muse

AKA… Where do ideas come from?

I suppose this could be classed as one of those deep and meaningful, philosophical, metaphysical theories. The topics of collective unconsciousness, hive minds and soul clusters have been scattered far and wide across the internet where everyone is an expert and all need to explain their conclusions, dressed in fancy words to quote and unquote great minds, ancient philosophy and modern psychology to prove their findings and argue they are right.

That’s all very well for those with initials after their name and those with egos to feed, but what of your average bus journey thinker? How does the uneducated make an educated opinion on such a subject?

Well, in all honestly, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and people collect many opinions on various subjects, from politics and religion to brown or white bread. Yet our opinions make up just a small amount of who we are, they are fluid and ever changing. We judge one another for our opinions, we are defined by our opinions, but we are not solely just our opinions! We can agree to disagree, but slaughtering each other appears to be the main course of actions if our opinions clash.

I digress from my initial musing, where do ideas come from? Guess what, I don’t know. I don’t even think I have a theory here that is remotely interesting. Outside sources and inspiration from what we see, hear, read, watch, etc… these obviously have an influence, but so do dreams, those strange internal sparks, which flutter into life within our sleeping minds. All these things and more may inspire greatness or horror, our thoughts roll around inside our brain, they guide our actions, create opinions and form words from seemingly nothingness.

So today I would like to share with you a really rough, half scribbled piece of writing, thrown together in a rush before the scene in my mind was forgotten. Complete with spelling mistakes, scrubbed out words, repeated words and all the glorious errors of a first draft.

I can tell you exactly where this piece came from, how it entered my mind and why it was written so quickly without care. For it is the result of a meditation, what was seen in my mind, I could see as clear as day and although my words give the scene little credit, for I can not capture the stench, temperature or similar sensations that might be experienced in a meditation. I am glad I recorded it, no matter how roughly, for each time I read it through I find myself back there, where ever ‘there’ is…

… Somewhere within the dark recesses of my mind… Toki.

Anne Harrison 19.11.15


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