I scribble a lot, I pour thoughts onto paper to clear my mind and reflect upon what I need to focus on. It’s something I have done even more in recent months as my life has taken various twists and turns in direction.

Sometimes I am an enigma to myself, I go through moments where I want to grasp everything in both hands and consume myself in so many activities and there is the reality, where I find myself far too shattered to do anything more than scribble about what I would like to do.

So how do I get from notes into action? How do I regain motivation and is it really motivation I need? When I’m starting to think it’s continuity I crave instead… For I am motivation driven, I cram so much into my life that I have no concept of boredom, even in my quite moments I find myself scribbling, plotting and planning, thinking on paper.

‘Time’ was the concept behind the short story Each Passing Moment (which was included in the last blog). Yet, here, within the scribbled notes that formed the basis of this tale. Among the structure of the story, you will find random thoughts, as my mind has shifted from what I’m focusing on to what I was ‘feeling’ instead.

I’ve noticed that I do this a lot, scribble, and change direction even in the midst of focus. My mind has this wonderful habit of exploring various trails of ideas while my train of thought is still stationary in the platform.

Anne Harrison 17.11.15


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