Life Reflecting Art ~ Sunday

Sometimes events just happen to remind you of work you have produced in the past.
Just as Saturday reflected the old Halloween tale I had spun together two years ago.
Sunday also reminded me of a little homework piece I had written, a short story from near the start of my Creative Writing journey on the theme of ‘Time’.

How does this relate to Sundays Shenanigans?
I’m not at liberty to say, for this way I maintain an air of mystery … Kinda …

Anne Harrison 16.11.15

Each Passing Moment December 2013

Ichirou Takahashi glanced at his watch, growing more irritable with each passing moment another look at the ¥105k Hublot Tourbillon Solo Bang, indicated that time was running out & this heavy traffic only increased his frustration. The meeting dragged on for longer than he would have preferred & although the company take over was a perfect success, the lingering pathetic begging from the former Director General proved to be both embarrassing & a total waste of time. Better to just give up, when the ‘Takahashi Enterprises’ got their talons into a business, they would assume control in the shortest measure of time it took to draw up the legal papers. Ichirou clenched his fists as the traffic continued to crawl along, he knew he should have took the helicopter.

“Gyosha! Find a shorter route!” He snapped, sitting back & deliberately pulling the sleeve of his made-to-measure designer suit over the expensive watch, allowing his mind to wonder. There was still time before serious egdeplay could cost his Otetsudaisan suffer permanent injury, or worse. He pondered over who was the actual Dom in this arrangement? Then the Bentley surged forwards turning down a narrow side street speeding swiftly to his luxurious estate on the outskirts of Osaka.

Smiling smugly as he crossed his legs, safe in the knowledge that he should arrive home at exactly the correct time. Most of the pleasure he took from this scenario was the fact that he could totally & utterly control an individual without even being in the same room as them. That he could master Otetsudaisan from his office, boardroom or restaurant & she would still be exactly where he left her. It was all about ultimate control.

Though there was one limitation & this is where Otetsudaisan held the power to reduce him to submissive, for he always needed to return within a strict time restriction & this was her ultimate control over him. Any longer & the point where actual physical damage would start to become more permanent increased with each passing moment. He was always perfectly on time; he required total control.

The Bentley rolled up outside the estate gates Ichirou regarded his watch, to conform what he already knew with confidence that his timing was to perfection. He paused as the car halted by the glass doors to his sanctuary, watching the second hand circle the face. He wanted to be that precise & upon the appointed moment pre-arranged carefully calculated he finally exited the car.

To find the glass entry doors shut & locked in his face. He frowned in utter confusion & in his ignorance tried several times to get through the polished glass barrier, a little to the amusement of Gyosha, who wisely kept his smirk hidden away.

Ichirou never known his house to be locked up, his security system was so highly evolved that he never felt the need to lock anything, except his safe. There was a keypad to the side on the wall, numbers to a code he never used & a slot for a key-card he did not own. confusion swiftly changed to frustration then to anger.

“Gyosha! Your key-card! Now!” Ichirou turned to face his driver, who wisely wiped the amused grin from his expression & began to search Bentley for a key-card. Although he would not have the authority to own one, he hoped that Ichirou kept one in the car for such emergencies.

A small ‘beep’ from that tell-tale watch indicated that time was up!

Gyosha started to panic there was no key-card in the car. Ichirou glanced over & he replied with a hopeless shrug unable to help. Gyosha wondered how the key-card would work without the code, but wisely kept his concerns to himself.

“Go around the house, see if the back door is open and find Uekiya!” Ichirou shouted at the driver, who quickly was running across the immaculate grass, through sculptured trees around the estate. While Ichirou paced across the threshold, impatience growing, nerves developing, as his watch beeped with each passing moment.

Finally Gyosha returned with Uekiya, but neither servant could aid their master in his predicament. Uekiya was the gardener, & as such he did not have the security clearance required for access to the house. The back door was also locked but he noticed the balcony doors to Ichirou’s personal suite were slightly open & suggested a ladder would easily reach these.

Another ‘beep’… Ichirou could not afford to waste time with ladders & stunts, he knew his driver to be armed as Gyosha also doubled up as security. “Shoot the glass!” He yelled. Without hesitation, or questioning why the ladder option was dismissed, Gyosha fired several shots to shatter the reinforced glass doors.

Ichirou stepped over the carnage, both Gyosha & Uekiya started to follow. Ichirou turned sharply, “Wait here!” he shouted & ran the rest of the way to his personal quarters, each passing moment only adding to his anxiety.

Kinbaku is a noble art; it takes time & precision to get the asanawa rope perfectly knotted to restrain a woman in an erotic & immobile position. It was an art Ichirou was passionate about, a skill he developed over years, yet there was also a real danger to the human body when held in a set pose for too long, especially since his styles also incorporated some measure of autoerotic-asphyxiation.

Gingerly he approached Otetsudaisan, perfectly tied in a ‘Kataashi age tsuri shibari’ position. She was still, very still, hanging limply in strong bonds. Ichirou felt bile rose up in his throat as he reached out to touch her face, her long hair was elegantly bound into the knot work, but her lips were blue, eyes starred ahead & no breath came from her form.

Ichirou frowned looking closely at the features of the dead woman, it took a few moments to realise that it was not Otetsudaisan. Instead the dead body of a perfect stranger hung from his ceiling. Although there was no doubt his influence could make this whole situation vanish as though it never happened, it did raise a few questions in his mind.

Looking around the room, he noticed the door to his safe open. That was when he heard the Bentley start-up & speed away, as Otetsudaisan; Gyosha & Uekiya fled the crime scene, the reality of the situation dawning on Ichirou with each passing moment.


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