Changing the name of the blog

Just a short post this morning as I have a long day ahead of me.
(I also wanted to see if I could blog from my tablet)

Seriously considering changing the name of the blog. Tatterhood,  although the name still means a lot to me, it still resonates strongly with who I was, not who I am…

I’m thinking of a more cryptic title, maybe ‘Inside the mind of a cynical daydreamer’
See I’ve noticed that i have used, what could be seen as, negative or passive aggressive language in earlier posts, which is neither my intention or my nature.

My cynicism maybe lost in translation… Therefore when I write statements like: ‘I will never be a published writer’ I realise this could be read as… ooh woe is me…
When in reality it’s more like: ‘I’m not jumping though all those hoops you bastards’.

How easily our words can be misinterpreted, yet scilence can be even more frustrating… So I’m still writing with the comfortable acceptance that I don’t want to be published, I just love putting thoughts into words, sharing my daydreams and nightmares to any who accidentally stumble across my page…


Anne Harrison 14.11.15


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