Why University?

An insult drove my desire to improve my education (and my health).

After being told rather bluntly that I was too dumb (and fat) to date, from someone I *had* considered a friend. I shall skip the uncomfortable details of the encounter, suffice to say, instead of wallowing in the depths of self despair I choose to enroll at Leicester University on a Creative Writing Course. Not to prove him wrong, in fact I’ve had very little to do with him since this incident, but instead to challenge myself.

I have never been to University before, it just wasn’t an option when I was a teenager and I think I would have fucked up anyway as I barely scraped through a BTEC National Diploma, hence my decision to attend part time on a HE Certificate.

But this blog is not to bore you with my experience at Uni, I want to share my work with you, from short ‘Free Writing’ exercises in class, through to my assignments, essays, feedback and grades. My whole experience laid bare and exposed on the internet for anyone to read, critic and scoff at.

My adventures at University are just the first step in building up this blog…
… I am aware that I do not write like a blogger, I read other peoples blogs and they have a certain ‘voice’, an air of academic culture that I’m afraid I do not possess, I have covered this thought in some of my journal writing as it was something that used to leave me feeling inferior and reluctant to write…

But why should that silence my own voice?



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