So, Where do we go from here?

The decision to remove everything and start again was an easy choice to make. For I felt my work was inferior and I was stumbling through this blog blindly.

Most of my thoughts and written reflections are collected within the pages of four ‘Smash’ books, which I am working on currently, but this is by no means a new concept for me. As I have a vast collection of what I called ‘Scrap Book of Shadows’ at least 13 of them all stored away carefully under my bed gathering dust, hording memories within their pages. My ponderings within these volumes were of a Spiritual nature, focusing on Paganism, Parapsychology and all things weird and wonderful that consumed my life at the time.

I feel that this is the old me, even writing about this element of my life makes me feel a little uncomfortable. I know at some point I will need to record what has changed and why, but not now…

So, Where do we go from here?

I would like this blog to reflect the afore mentioned ‘Smash’ Books, I’m going to start with the two years at University studying Creative Writing. There will be scans, now that I’ve figured out how to attach a PDF. I shall include my writing, but this time with a little explanation (maybe) I shall include my bad hand writing and rants, there might be swearing, reflections and moody strops.

Ultimately, I’m re-starting and re-writing my blog as a cyber companion to my hand written scribblings. So, lets see where this will lead…

Anne Harrison


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