Begin Again

So, I have decided to remove everything from my blog.

It had become neglected after I had finished my University course & I had only used it to pop up work that was just cut-copied and pasted from assignments.
There was no explanation, no reason, no real thought involved in the former posts. Just a series of half hearted, half decent, half arsed attempts at writing.

Now, if there is one thing I have learnt from two years on a creative writing course at university, it is the painful fact that I am not a writer. I can not bring myself to adhere to the suffocating rules and regulations tied to creative writing.

I lost my heart in writing because I believed that words should come from the soul, not picked apart, restructured and restricted. To be published would be to lose that passion, buried under a deep sea of do’s and don’ts, hints and tips written by the top shelf authors, critics and self proclaimed experts ready to pounce and tear apart your creative soul with bitter sarcastic words.

I love writing.
But I am not a writer.

I will never be published because I still love to write, I wont adhere to your rules.
Therefore my work will never be perfect. I am just a little lady with a mind full of characters and adventures, which will never go anywhere, beyond the pages of this blog.
Read if you like, critic if you like.

I write because I love words and I love words because they free my mind.

Anne Harrison


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